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 Vmware Fusion Pro 11 Perpetual License With Support Through July 2023

Product Info & Requirements

VMware Fusion Pro 11 perpetual licnese with support through July 2023.

The VMWare Fusion and Workstation licenses are not setup for direct delivery to end users. The downloads and keys reside in a VMWare portal. Within that portal each unit must name an admin that would be responsible for distribution of keys and downloads to the end user from within that portal. An email will be sent to the purchaser requesting Admin Name, Admin Email and Folder Name. Orders cannot be fulfilled without that information.

VMware Fusion Pro 11 perpetual license with support through July 2023



  • Licensing Contract Terms
  • Training Opportunities
  • Support

VMware Desktop
  • Manufacturer: VMware
  • Who Can Purchase: Departments
  • Installation Permissions: PSU Owned Machine
  • Second Installation: Not Permitted
  • Return Policy: Standard Return Policy Applies
  • License Term: Perpetual
  • Contract Administrator: Tim White
  • Export Control Restrictions: See Notes
  • Important Information: VMware prohibits any export or re-export of VMware products, services, or technical data to any destinations subject to U.S. embargoes or trade sanctions. The following countries are subject to U.S. embargo or restricted trade sanctions: Cuba, Iran, North Korea (Democratic People`s Republic of Korea), Sudan and Syria VMware`s export control policy can be viewed at http://www.vmware.com/help/export-control.html.
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