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Posted by Software @ Penn State | 03.08.2015

New Processes Make Getting Help with Software @ Penn State Easier

Starting this week, changes will be made to the way Software @ Penn State handles and answers your help requests in order to provide you with better support.


What will I have to do differently to get help?

Nothing. You will be able to submit requests, questions, and inquiries as before via phone, personal emails, or the mailing list. However in order to get you the answers you need more quickly, we will be putting all of these requests and questions into a single tool that allows multiple people to work on a single request. 


What will I experience differently after these changes?

When information is entered into this tool, you will receive an email from “Penn State Service Management” notifying you that a ticket has been created and that your question is being worked on. The email will contain a link that will allow you to log in and view the current status of your question or add additional information.


What are the benefits of these changes?

By using this tool along with new processes and procedures Software @ Penn State will be better able to identify areas for improvements and efficiencies to better serve you. Plus, more people will be able to work on your questions at the same time, providing faster answers and a reduction in lost time if someone is out of the office.

What other changes will be happening?

Software @ Penn State will be rolling out additional changes in the coming months to help improve the way we deliver our software services to you. The following changes will allow you to submit help requests directly into an online portal.

Why are these changes being made?

These changes are being made as part of the Penn State Service Management Program implementation, which is creating an accepted standard for University service models, processes, and tools that improves the consistency and efficiency of Penn State information technology (IT) services. For additional information about the Service Management Program, visit the Service Management Office website.


We hope that these changes will provide you with a faster and easier support  experience from Software @ Penn State!