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Posted by Software @ Penn State | 02.13.2015

Hello, and welcome to the new Software @ Penn State website. Below is a “What’s New!” and how to make the most out of your shopping experience.



The New Sign In    

Software @ Penn State has new way to sign in to your account. When you click the sign in logo picture link you will be taken to a page to say where you work or take classes. Pick left for all Penn State faculty, staff and students. Click right for Penn College faculty, staff and students. If this is your FIRST time signing in, please delete all PSU.EDU cookies and clear your cache!

single sign on picture showing penn state and penn college



**To make your experience more accurate and easy, CREDIT CARD users please click sign in picture. this is a functional link from the homepage before searching or browsing products**



The New Software Window


One of the nicest new features is the Software window. Clicking on an icon takes you directly to the software published by that manufacturer and carried by Software @ Penn State. Click on the left and right arrows to change windows and see more manufacturers. HINT: If you are already signed in, you will only see what is available for you!

image showing the software window on the home page



The News & Updates Section


In the News & Updates section, information will be provided to customers right on the homepage without any login required. License updates, renewal notices, closing, alerts, and general software licensing information will be posted here.

image showing the news and update section


The HOT button bar


Quickly navigate to special locations using the hot button bar. Instantly see all student software, request new software, jump to IT Training opportunities, and get the latest information on the upcoming License Repository.

image showing the hot button bar from the home page



The New Pricing Matrix

On some item cards you see a matrix like the one below. We made this to make sure you can get everything you need in one place, no more looking for the media to go with that license. Just add the quantity for each item and hit Add to Cart!

image showing pricing matrix for item


Our new site is best viewed on a current modern browser. Make sure you are running the lastest version of Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

These are just a few of the major changes made for the new Software @ Penn State website. If you have any questions or comments please email