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Microsoft No Cost Software

Posted by Software @ Penn State | 12.15.2014

Penn State is providing Microsoft Office and Windows Upgrade to Penn State students currently enrolled in credit courses at no additional cost. Please click the appropriate link below to leave the Software @ Penn State site and download the software directly from Kivuto Solutions, Inc. Please note that in order to download the Windows Upgrade, you must have an existing operating system already installed on your machine.

Software under the agreement is only available via download. Once you have accepted the download terms and conditions on the Kivuto site, you will have access to your product key and download file for 31 days. After downloading and installing your files in that 31-day period, please backup the download files and save your product key information in case you need them in the future (to transfer the software to a different machine, restore it after a crash, etc.). Penn State is NOT responsible for lost product keys or the downloaded files.

If you need assistance while downloading or installing the software, please contact Kivuto for support. They offer help online and via phone at 866-435-4722 or 888-396-1447 (Monday-Friday 6am-6pm EST).


Penn State Students click here to download Microsoft Office or Windows Upgrade


Penn College Students click here to download Microsoft Office or Windows Upgrade



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