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 Matlab 2023 Single License

Product Info & Requirements

For academic research and teaching purposes only. ARL is excluded from use of this license

Expires annually in August and will require a new subscription.

INSTALLATION IS BY DOWNLOAD ONLY via instructions upon order processing.

The toolboxes included in our Matlab license are listed here.

MATLAB 2023 Single License



  • Licensing Contract Terms
  • Training Opportunities
  • Support


  • Manufacturer: Mathworks
  • Who Can Purchase: Departments, Faculty, Staff
  • Installation Permissions: One Per Machine, PSU owned machine, personal machine
  • Second Installation: Not Permitted
  • Return Policy: Standard Return Policy Applies
  • License Term: Annual
  • Annual Renewal Date: August
  • Contract Administrator: Mike Mrsa and Tim White
  • Important Information: Purchases up to 90 days prior to expiration will not be charged renewal fees.

    EXPORT CONTROL: EXPORT CONTROL: Under U.S. export and sanctions regulations and the provider’s Software/End User License Agreement, providing access to or use of the software or its direct products by persons who are located or ordinarily resident in comprehensively sanctioned countries may be prohibited without an export license. Currently (2021) these countries include Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and the Crimea region of the Ukraine. Questions regarding individual cases may be referred to the University Export Compliance Office at export@psu.edu.

    For software hosted by the providing company, the company may implement technological blocks preventing access to its website or specific software from the sanctioned countries and regions. As a result students located in these areas may not be able to access or use the website or related software and support documentation. Alternative solutions or other compensating opportunities should be considered for students unable to access the software, related materials or services, or the website in general.

    Please note: even if a remote student is able to access or use the software (for instance by traveling to a non-sanctioned country), if the student is ordinarily resident in a sanctioned country doing so may be a violation of U.S. regulations and the software license terms and the student’s actions may also result in liability for the University.
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