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For general questions, please call (814) 863-7777 or send an email to

If you have general computing questions, or need basic troubleshooting, please contact the Penn State IT Service Desk at (814)-863-4357. If you are looking for specific computer recommendations please contact your college/department directly.


Contact List by License Contract

Contracts for Toni, ENVI, F W I, Lab View, Mathworks, Multi sim, S P S S, V M wear

Software at Penn State

ENVI/IDL, Four Winds, Labview, Matlab (Mathworks), Multisim, SPSS/PASW, VMWare

A doe bee, Big Fix, Microsoft, fair oas systems, qualtrics

Timothy White

Sr. Licensing Administrator

Adobe ETLA, Adobe CLP, BIGFIX, Microsoft Select Plus, Microsoft EES, Microsoft Student, Pharos Systems, Qualtrics

end note, filemaker, footprints, jump, mathcad, minitab, sass, studiocode

Penny Meyer

Licensing Administrator

EndNote, FileMaker, Footprints, JMP, Mathcad, Minitab, SAS, Studiocode

Mike Mrsa

Licensing Administrator

ArcGIS, Mathematica, Nvivo, Radiator/Radius/RADmin, RedHat, SigmaPlot, Symantec, Splunk