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 Vasco Security Token

Product Info & Requirements

When placing a request for tokens, please only request the amount needed at the time. This is in an effort to ensure continued access to the individuals who need to use to systems requiring Vasco second factor authorization in the future.

Vasco Security Token


Item # GO6

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Note: This token cannot be used as a substitute for any other Penn State security token, such as the Gemalto D100 that is used for Penn State`s Two-Factor Authentication service with Duo Security.

The Penn State Security token is used by faculty and staff to provide secure access to centralized University administrative systems such as IBIS, ISIS, ADIS, ROSCOE, and TESTAIS. In addition, tokens must be used by faculty and instructors for grade reporting via eLion and ANGEL. Departmental purchase only. To display your secure number for login, simply push the gray button and a number will appear.

Note: This token has the same functionality as the previous SecurID token.

Use this link for more information about the SecureID program:


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